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Fall 2022


At a boarding school in New Hampshire, the old head of school’s house is haunted – abandoned four decades ago after his child disappeared inside. But when four friends break in and try to spend the night on a dare, they discover a magic doorway into another world, Elsewhere. Elsewhere is everything they’ve always wanted – adventure, magic, purpose, a place where they can be their true selves. But the world of pure imagination hides a darker secret full of nightmares, and the friends must embark on a harrowing and emotional journey into past trauma to save themselves.

Sylvan and Clockmaker DZ.jpg
Jacob and Monster 3 DZ.jpg

Brayden McGuire, Milo Hake

Hannah Liebert, Declan Moley

Viola and Entourage DZ.jpg
Tooth Fairy and Kids and Goblins 3 DZ.jpg

Allison Proosow, Holly Voorhees, Jenny Avery, Lucy Nemeth, Hannah Liebert

Alaree Sanders, Milo Hake, Perris Campbell, Chloe DeMello, Ava Doak, and Goblins

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